Safe and Effective Sun Protection For Your Beautiful Little Ones

With so many SPF products on the market it is difficult to know which one to choose.  As a parent we want what is best for our children always but as a consumer we are bombarded with so many choices and marketing that in our busy lives we can be misled buy what jumps out at us on a convenient store shelf.

It is best to keep some key things in mind.  Here is a little helpful information for you.

There is chemical and physical sun protection ingredients.  A chemical sun protection ingredient is absorbed into the blood stream whereas a natural sun protection ingredient rests on the skin.

A natural, physical block, is the safest option.  When purchasing a sun protective product turn the bottle over and look under Active Ingredients.  You are looking to see either Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide.  These should be the only ingredients listed in this section.  Any other ingredients listed here would be chemical sunscreens, not a physical block.

From our trusted friends at Episencial…The difference is a chemical sunscreen ingredient is absorbed into the skin to deal with the sun’s rays in a chemically reactive process in the skin cell itself, with potentially unintended and harmful consequences to the skin and body.  However, a physical block such as the minerals zinc or titanium, sit on the skin’s surface and reflect sunrays out away from the body like tin foil.  They are not absorbed into the skin making them a healthier and effective choice.  Physical blocks provide both UVA and UVB protection, and they are non-irritating as well as non-allergenic.

For effective and safe sun protection for your little bellas and fellas I recommend Episencial’s Sunny Sunscreen!  This natural mineral, broad spectrum, lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer is water resistant for up to 80 minutes! Free From the Bad Stuff™: No Additives, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Harsh Preservatives, EDTA, SLS, Synthetic Fragrances, Gluten, or Nut Oils.  I love it and am loving all their other products too!  I will admit to sneaking the products out of  my daughter’s bathroom and using them.  I am especially fond of The Playful Wash and the Better Body Butter!

Stick with me!  I’ll do the research for you!  Now your bathing beauties can enjoy some fun in the sun without Mommy and Daddy worrying!  Pssst…you can use it too! 


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