Sun Protection…Wear It….Apply It…Eat It!!!

We all know about the importance of wearing sun protective lotions.  Many of us know there are actually fabrics we can wear to further protect us from the sun’s sometimes harmful rays.  But how many of you know about the foods you can eat to further protect you from sun damage?

There are many special gifts that nature provides to naturally protect us.  One in particular helps protect us from sun damage and is found in some of our most favorite foods.  Lycopene!  Lycopene is natural pigment and cartenoid found in certain foods that gives food their color and in our bodies works as a potent antioxidant protecting our cells from free radical damage. This power pigment is found in tomatoes, watermellon, salmon, grapefruit, apricot and even egg yolks!

Add lycopene into your diet daily with some scrambled eggs & salsa or a baked potato topped with some fresh salsa, drink tomato & vegetable juice or make yourself a delicious caprese salad.  Let’s not forget pizza and spaghetti sauces too.  AND  what is better than watermellon on a warm Summer day…oh so refreshing at the beach!

Brightly colored fruits and vegetables containing carotenoids are more powerful antioxidant rich foods that assist in protecting us from a sun burn and give our immune systems a boost.  These note worthy fruits and veggies are: melons, apricots, carrots, red peppers, squash and sweet potatoes .

Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, flax seed, & walnuts also have incredible anti- inflammatory powers that help to reduce inflammation caused from sun exposure that can damage our once healthy cells.

And lastly, my most favorite, Dark Chocolate!  Due to the flavanoids, which are antioxidants found in dark chocolate, it is now believed consuming dark chocolate may improve the skin’s ability protect itself against some types of skin damage including sun burns.  Now you can justify eating that chocolate bar on the way to the beach!

Be sure to load up on on these super foods daily for added sun protection.


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